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Exercises to Improve Muscle Health in Geriatric Dogs

Posted on January 30 2024


Geriatric dogs are those who begin to lose muscle as they naturally age. There are some simple ways to help your dog to stay healthier for longer by targeting specific muscles and exercising muscle memory.

Here's five things that help:

  1. Getting your dog to walk backwards, or sideways. This is a great way to strengthen the leg muscles that are not as frequently used. To get your dog to practice walking backwards, hold a treat between their nose and chest and gently walk into them so they’re walking backwards. To get your dog to walk sideways, stand on their side holding their collar and take alternate steps gently into them - practice in both directions. holding dog treat
  2. Getting your dog to walk over cavalettis or small poles, allowing them to lift their feet higher and improve balance - use treats to encourage this!
  3. Gently massaging their joints and muscles improves blood circulation and overall muscle massage
  4. Walking, running, healthy diet, and keeping up regular exercise are also essential parts of your dog’s daily routine. walking dog on beach
  5. Gut health is also key to ensuring optimum health. We recommend adding a probiotic each day to their food. They don't mind the taste and it ensures that their gut is getting the good bacteria needed to thrive and stay healthy.