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Re-establishing probiotics to enhance your pets health

Holistic, probiotic treatments for dogs; enhancing micro-flora that in turn reduces inflammation, to manage ear infections, hot spots, mange & Malassezia and for horses; enhancing micro-flora that in turn reduces inflammation to manage minor skin abnormalities such as mud fever, rain scald, thrush, ringworm & white line disease. MicroMed is a 100% natural, non-toxic probiotic treatment.

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Treating infection & disease becomes so simple when you re-establish probiotics. We often use practices that destroy beneficial bacteria and fungi in our pets. Once the connection is made between what kills or inhibits beneficial microbes and what is required to re-establish them, your life and that of your pets improves.

If your dog is suffering from an ear infection, mange, malassezia or hot spots or your horse suffers from mud fever, rain scald, white line disease or thrush, to name just a few, then we can help you.

The team at MicroMed, led by Maria Brown (a naturopathic nutritionist), are proud to be able to batch brew for you an exceptionally powerful spray-on probiotic formulation, bursting with highly effective strains of live, organic microbes, which naturally occur in the great, pristine regions of the world, where chemicals and toxic residues have not yet infiltrated.


MicroMed for Dogs is a pain-free spray-on probiotic treatment re-establish the fine balance of microbes, crucial for good health, so you can be confident you are treating a 'root cause' not just a symptom.


MicroMed For Horses is a pain-free spray-on probiotic treatment re-establish the fine balance of microbes, crucial for good health, so you can be confident you are treating a 'root cause' not just a symptom.


What We Believe In

There is no comparable live,  probiotic spray on the market that has such an invincible effect on pathogenic organisms.

We are so confident in the efficacy of our formulation, we stand by our 100% money-back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Ease the discomfort in your pet, by re-establishing the beautiful microbial balance that Nature so graciously bestowed upon the world, and that we have been able to harness in each and every bottle of MicroMed.

Why Use Probiotic Spray?

In the Micromed NZ formula organisms are multiplying and migrating into diseased areas, 
the living organisms reestablish the fine balance of beneficial microflora 
necessary to overcome detrimental, pathogenic bacteria.

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100% natural and non-toxic-formulations that are proving effective in difficult to treat conditions in your pets and livestock

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Reviews From Customers

MicroMed's 4-Step Return to Health Programme

'Gypsey' was a heart-wrenching case to work with appeared she was suffering mange along with seborrhoea sicca and seborrhoea oleosa but her health turned around after she was put on MicroMed's 4 Step Return to Health programme

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MicroMed for Horses

At last, something that really does work for seedy toe, rotten frogs and rain scald. Stargazer’s owner was frustrated at using so many different products that had not worked, so she was thrilled over the healing of rain scald within just three weeks on MicroMed for Horses. - Ruby Morgaine : Palmerston North 

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MicroMed for Dogs

Thebe suffered recurrent ear infections that just wouldn't go away.  On Day 1 her ears were semi closed and inflamed but on Day 10 they were healed and clear.  I'm over the moon with happiness and so thankful to you guys. -Kasandra Russell : Canterbury

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Micromed Repairs Raised Bumps

My mare suddenly came up with these odd, raised bumps on the side of her tummy, I have no idea how or why they came up. After a couple of weeks on MicroMed, the bumps were almost completely gone and now its totally gone. Maria has been amazing and so helpful. I can’t thank her enough, and her product, for helping me and my mare. - Ali Roy : Auckland 

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Allowing Harmony and Good Health to reign once more!

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100% Natural and Powerful Spray on Pro-Biotic

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