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Transform your pet’s health, inside and out, with powerful natural probiotics

100% natural, MicroMed’s powerful live formulation of beneficial microbes rebalances the gut to maintain everyday health and treat a range of minor bacterial and fungal conditions

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Fantastic natural product that really works

Rachel Burton on Jun 15, 2020

Does your dog suffer from minor skin conditions or inflammation? MicroMed can help provide relief.

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Could your horse be suffering as a result of poor microbial health? MicroMed can help get them back in balance.

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Is your cat prone to minor bacterial or fungal conditions? MicroMed can help boost their overall health.

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Are bacterial conditions affecting the health of your livestock? MicroMed can help get them back to their best.

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MicroMed - Powerful probiotic support for pets

In healthy animals, nature maintains the right microbial balance to support wellbeing. But just like humans, your pet’s system can lose this balance, triggering inflammation and skin, digestive and immune health issues.
MicroMed creates powerful, natural, probiotic treatments to help restore the balance. Harnessing the latest microbial science, our 100% organically-based formulations can be used to treat minor bacterial and fungal conditions in dogs, cats, horses and livestock.
Our products come in two formulations - one for Acute Care, to treat specific conditions, and one for Everyday Health, to aid in rebalancing the gut’s healthy bacteria and boosting your animal’s overall wellbeing.
MicroMed draws on the scientific knowledge and experience of founder Maria Brown, a naturopathic nutritionist, who specialises in treatments for animal health.

Giving back

At MicroMed, the care and wellbeing of animals is at the heart of what we do; that’s why we also like to give back to our animal-loving community. Find out more about the wonderful, local organisations we support.