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MicroMed probiotics for pets
MicroMed probiotics for pets

Microbial Balance

In healthy animals, nature maintains the right microbial balance to support wellbeing. But just like humans, your pet’s system can lose this balance, triggering inflammation as well as skin, digestive and immune health issues. MicroMed probiotic treatments help restore that microbial balance.


100% Natural & Organically Based

Our 100% organically-based formulations of commensal microbes (those that are 'native' to the body not 'transient') can be used to treat minor bacterial and fungal conditions in dogs, cats, horses and livestock, as well as provide ongoing support for gut and skin health, immunity and overall wellbeing.

Acute Care

A topical probiotic treatment for your pet designed to alleviate recent and rapidly developing minor skin issues. 

Everyday Care

An oral probiotic treatment designed to provide ongoing support for skin and digestive health, immunity and overall wellbeing. For persistent, reoccurring issues we recommend using both the Acute Care and the Everyday Care.

Founder Maria Brown talks to TV3

Watch our Founder & Pet Naturopathic Nutritionist Maria Brown talk to the The Cafe's Pet Corner on TV3 about the power of MicroMed’s probiotic treatment for pets, as well as the work MicroMed is doing in the community.

"Helps our horses and livestock to stay healthy!"

We use MicroMed everyday for our horses and animals and getting fantastic results. Thank you.

"It was like winning the dog owner's lottery!"

Finding MicroMed for our Border Collie puppy Trooper was like winning the dog owners lottery. it's the absolute first product I recommend to any pet owner I meet

"My rescue cat vomited, scratched & pulled at his fur repeatedly"

I read about MicroMed and decided to purchase it. All my cat’s sores, scratching and the chronic vomiting has stopped. And his fur has grown back where once blotches of skin were showing.

Giving Back

$1 From Every Sale Donated to Friends with Tales

At MicroMed, the care and wellbeing of animals is at the heart of what we do; that’s why every purchase you make pays a part in helping animals across New Zealand get a second chance at finding a new home and a family they can call their own.

We have also set up The Grace Program to help provide complementary product to Pet Rescues and Animal Shelters around New Zealand. Learn more about our work in the community and different sponsorship programs here.

Hi, we’re Maria and Mike and we are the founders of MicroMed. We’re both hugely passionate about animals and ‘life’ on our planet. We’ve spent hundreds of hours toiling away in the garden looking after our collection of cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, you name it! We created MicroMed to help pet owners provide better care for their animals by supporting their skin, gut and digestive health, as well as immunity and overall wellbeing. Read our full story here.