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A probiotic spray to treat outer ear infections, alopecia, malassezia, elephant skin and other conditions

MicroMed Probiotics for Dogs

Is an incredibly powerful, live spray-on probiotic, teeming with over 80 different strains of micro-organisms.  MicroMed effectively overpowers any fungal or bacterial issue such as outer ear infections, secondary infection from mange, malassezia, elephant skin and conditions often diagnosed as allergies that in fact may be caused by gut dysbiosis (microbial imbalance and Leaky Gut. MicroMed can be used not only on your dog but also in their environment.  Spraying their bedding, or areas where they like to lie all helps to re-establish the beneficial microbes and in so doing, helps prevent the detrimental organisms from taking hold. 


I had tried lots of different treatments over months, and then I saw a post on Facebook about another puppy's success. Of course I followed the tag to MicroMed to check them out and then was very lucky to win a giveaway! It has been a winner from Day 1. Thanks to Maria and the team at MicroMed, De Niro is a very happy puppy as a result. - Jessica Hogan : Auckland 





Dude has suffered allergies on his paws for 2 years non stop and we have tried all sorts from the vets. Everything seemed to only last a little while before it came back again. After posting photos of his paws on his page, MicroMed was suggested to me. On Monday night, my poor boys paws were red, raw, inflamed and close to bleeding. On Friday night his paws were looking amazing. I can’t believe it. Thank you for this miracle in a bottle. Dude and I both thank you so much. - Chrissy Mitchell : Auckland





My dog suffered a recurrent outer ear infections that just wouldn't go away.  On Day 1 her ears were semi closed and inflamed but on Day 10 they were healed and clear.  I'm over the moon with happiness and so thankful to you guys. -Kasandra Russell : Canterbury




I received my MicroMed spray last week (to treat histoplasmosis)- really happy with results after 8 days of use. It's exciting! We have tried everything and spent so much money! I can't wait to see how it looks in another week. She's a very happy girl now. - Nikki Fisk : Tauranga





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