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Canine Seborrhoea Dermatitis: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment | Probiotic MicroMed

DESCRIPTION: Canine seborrhoea or seborrheac dermatitis is a common and often relapsing condition, usually found on the back of dogs but can manifest anywhere on the body.  It can be divided into seborrhoea sicca (dry seborrhea) and seborrhoea oleosa (oily seborrhoea) and your dog may have just one or both seborrheas present.

SYMPTOMS: The symptoms of seborrhoea dermatitis are usually grey skin and hair, often with accompanying scaliness progressing to dandruff.  Sometimes this condition can be genetic however more often it is reflective of either a hormonal issue or an underlying health issue so a hormonal assay performed by your vet is recommended to rule out a hormonal origin.  Seborrhea sicca manifests as a dandruff appearance and seborrhoea oleosa manifests as an oily exudate on the fur and skin and it can be quite malodorous.

There can be itching, crusting or even bleeding present.

CONVENTIONAL TREATMENT: Testing is indicated to see if there is an underlying issue that can be found.  If it Is fungal or bacterial in nature, anti-fungals or antibiotics may be undertaken. 

MicroMed Note: Seborrhoea Dermatitis is a sign of a system out of balance.  If we determine where this imbalance originates it is likely to have begun in the gut, through a process of microbial alteration, leading to inflammation, suppressed immunity and possibly this in turn leading to a Leaky Gut, also known as Intestinal Permeability.  This is where the gut becomes too permeable and substances that should not gain access to the bloodstream, do and this in turn sets up an accumulating immune reaction.  It is little wonder that seborrhoea dermatitis is evident when there are so many animals with such compromised gastro-intestinal tracts.  Re-establishment of microbial balance is necessary, to help reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity and restore equilibrium.  Studies show that microbial balance can now positively affect whole body health - or disease - so it may be wise to commence MicroMed’s Acute Care and Everyday Care probiotics, for a period of two months to re-establish the correct balance of microbes in order to outcompete and deter detrimental organisms from taking hold.

It is important to work to improve the diet such that there are plenty of live enzymes, papaya being rich in enzymes, and green foods such as spirulina, broccoli and green tripe in the diet.  Essential fatty acids are important in a balance of Omega three to six for good oil balance in the dermis and epidermis layers and to support the sebaceous glands.  If Leaky Gut is suspected, commence bone broth as soon as possible, and possibly look to supplement with a gut repair preparation.  Milk thistle tincture can be used in small doses, over a two month period, to commence liver detoxification - usually indicated if the dog has received its full vaccinations, to remove the heavy metals from the body.  It is recommended you check with your vet before commencing any treatment to ensure there are no contra-indications.  Most dogs eating biscuits or kibble or suffering seborrhoea dermatitis do have gut dysbiosis and so using MicroMed for Dogs Oral Probiotic from the Everyday Care range would be  indicated in this scenario.