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Dogs - Seborrhoea Dermatitis


The symptoms of seborrhoea dermatitis are grey skin and hair, often with accompanying scaliness progressing to dandruff.  Sometimes this condition can be genetic however more often it is reflective of either a hormonal issue or an underlying health issue. 


It is recommended you rule out gut dysbiosis and Leaky Gut and work to improve the diet such that there are plenty of live enzymes, papaya and bromelain - being rich in enzymes, and green foods such as spirulina and broccoli.  If Leaky Gut is suspected, commence bone broth as soon as possible, and possibly look to supplement with L-glutamine in severe cases to speed up the repair process.  (L-glutamine should not be used if the dog suffers seizures or has a clinical kidney issue).  Milk thistle tincture can be used in small doses, over a two month period, to commence liver detoxification - usually indicated if the dog has received its full vaccinations, to remove the heavy metals from the body. 


Gypsey presented with a plethora of complaints, (alopecia, hot spots, malassezia along with seborrhoea dermatitis) and we were advised she had had a steady decline in health over the previous two years, with many different medications being given in the hope it would ‘fix’ the symptoms.  She commenced MicroMed for Dogs, in combination with bone broth, essential fatty acids, a liver detox and immune support.  One month later “she was bouncing round like a puppy - everyone is commenting on what a different dog she is and she looks amazing”.