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Dog Histoplasmosis Treatment | Probiotic Spray


Histoplasmosis is a chronic, non-contagious fungal infection caused by Histoplasma capsulatum fungus.   This fungus is most often ingested by dogs, through contaminated soil or bird or bat droppings.   In dogs the primary site of infection is usually the gastro-intestinal tract however often the lungs and thoracic lymph nodes are also affected.  The organism can travel throughout the body and sometimes lodge in bone marrow or the eyes producing specific disease.  Symptoms may start off with diarrhoea, progressing to chronic weight loss to the point of emaciation, accompanied by a chronic cough, fever, anaemia, and in chronic cases, liver, spleen  and lymph node ulceration.  On the skin developing lesions that weep, and ulcerate, can occur. 



Diagnosis will be required by a veterinarian, and chronic cases will need to be dealt with immediately, if suspected.  Veterinarian treatment is with anti-fungals.



Bernadette, from Orewa, had this to report on her elderly dog.  “His health had been deteriorating for some time, after drinking from a drinking trough on their farm.  She reported, "Recently, he had been off his food for days, had become emaciated, and lethargic, with an area of alopecia on his hind leg and was hardly moving around.  We thought he was a goner.  Within one day of spraying MicroMed he started to perk up and over the course of a week, he was back to his usual self, and I might be mistaken but I’m pretty sure he’s putting weight back on.  Now he goes out to the letterbox with Gerald and we all could’t be happier.