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How Trooper Avoided Euthanasia with MicroMed

Posted on September 28 2023


This is the incredible story of Trooper. A rescue from a puppy farm in 2021. 

Trooper was a happy chappy to be taken into the Jackson family, however his health began to deteriorate within days of being adopted. Numerous vet visits later, the chronic ear infection seemed to be under control with medications. Then the weepy eyes started, more medications, then pink spots began on the belly.

Trooper - skin issues

In a desperate attempt to improve Trooper's symptoms, the Jackson family changed from kibble to the PMR diet (Prey Model Raw) to see if this would improve things.

Unfortunately, Ill-health continued, so remedies were ordered from overseas and online nationally, to see if any of those improved Troopers outcomes - they were willing to try anything! A switch to hypo-allergenic food seemed to only make things 100x worse for poor Trooper, who was so miserable. He was losing weight, his hair was falling out, he appeared depressed, and a diagnosis of a fungal overgrowth was given. The situation worsened again after a dewormer was given. He began pooping, blood, mucous, and worms which continued for days, under the emergency Vet.

Then, things started to dramatically improve, after seeing a Facebook ad on MicroMed, oral and topical probiotics began.  Miraculously, the chewing and biting resolved.

Maria (MicroMed) explained the connection between the fungal overgrowth and the ‘by-products’. that caused the itching. Everything about the other causative factors also seemed to make sense. Under Maria’s guidance Trooper also commenced spirulina, kefir, slippery elm and coconut oil. At this point if the ears flared up, they would calm within 24hrs. Improvement was evident, even though Maria had explained natural treatments can take longer but progress was clearly evident.

The puppy was back again! His energy was great and a few months down the track there was a just a bit of residual crustiness on the ears and tail. Vets had told the Jackson family, that most owners dealing with the issues that Trooper had experienced, had opted for euthanasia. This was not an option for the Jackson family who were incredibly grateful to find MicroMed and their natural approach:

“I really don’t know where we would have been had it not been for MicroMed and Maria”.

Trooper continues to live a happy life and lived up to his name, thank goodness!