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Homemade Turmeric Chicken Jerky for Dogs - just three ingredients!!

Posted on December 12 2023


All that is required is a dehydrator or an oven...

- Chicken breast
- Turmeric
- Cold-pressed olive oil
(Amounts can vary depending on desired quantities - just need enough turmeric to lightly coat the chicken.)

1. Slice your chicken breast into thin strips, use a pastry brush to thinly spread oil onto chicken, then sprinkle with the turmeric until lightly coated.
2. Lay on the racks of your dehydrator at 75°C OR place on a tray/grill in the oven at the lowest temperature, ideally around 50°C. If your oven doesn’t go this low, make sure you keep a close eye on the jerky pieces and turn them regularly to dry them evenly. You could even leave the oven door cracked open slightly so they don’t just bake.
3. Dehydrate them at the lowest temperature for several hours.
4. Take one piece out when you think the jerky is ready and let it cool, then do a ‘snap test’. If you want thoroughly dehydrated chicken jerky for dogs that will keep for several weeks, the jerky should snap easily.

Credit/full recipe can be found here:

Please be aware commercial/highly processed jerky ingredients should always be investigated thoroughly before purchasing due to possible recalls.