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MicroMed for Horses Acute Care

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Our Acute Care spray is applied directly to your horse’s skin to help treat immediate minor fungal and bacterial issues such as:

✔ Minor Rain Scald
 Minor Ringworm
 Minor Mud Fever (no scab removal required)
✔ Minor Seedy Toe
✔ Minor Thrush

✔ Hoof Cracks
✔ External Minor Staph Infections

How to use Micromed Acute Care Probiotics for Horses?

Apply one to two full sprays on the affected areas twice daily, and continue for at least 10 days after the issue has resolved. A major benefit of using MicroMed for Horses is there is no need to remove mud fever scabs before use - the live microbes migrate through and behind the scabs for a painless and easy application of the product.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lynne McKenzie
wonderful product- a game changer for mud fever

I have used this product for several years, to start with I had a terrible mud fever issue every March in my herd. After spraying it on even the worst of the mud fever was gone in 2 weeks, faster for less severe cases. After using it for several years, I rarely have outbreaks, just a few in a couple of sensitive horses and micromed clears it up. Very highly recommend using it- it's painless for the horses, no picking off scabs, they just fall off with the skin healed up underneath.


One of my Arabs has persistent rain scald, but since using Micromed for Horses, I can keep it under control. I thoroughly clean the effected areas with Micromed, then apply Coconut oil to keep the rain off. Magic!

Great for feet

I won a bottle of the spray on probiotic and used it on my horses feet in the wet muddy weather over the last week. I wasn’t expecting any results but was amazed to see huge improvement after just one application. It was almost like it dried the sole and the groove around the frog out. It looked much healthier. The horses weren’t stabled they went back out into the wet after I’d sprayed and it was still effective.

thanks so much for your great review Becky - yes it is incredible how the microbes in our formulations work and although we can't see them they are there in the 'billions' per spray! So pleased you managed to get on top of your horses feet issues in this particularly wet weather - the microbes are so effective at so many hoof issues such as thrush, seedy toe and even the beginnings of white line disease heh - so make sure you use weekly preventatively too eh. Keep up the good work!

Catherine Couper
Great for dogs

I first saw the add for micromed for horses and thought this might work for my Neapolitan Mastiff. After repeated vet visits and very expensive injections with zero results I started using this, he had no hair on his chest, cracked, inflamed skin and looked miserable, within three weeks it has almost disappeared, and his fur is growing back, so pleased to have stumbled across the add. Will definitely recommend to other Mastiff owners.

Jordana Ashby
Best product!

I have been using micromed for about 18months. Initially in summer on a sensitive chestnut with skin issues, I found the spray (acute care) to be super helpful and it cleared up and I had a beautiful healthy coat come back through. I have also used the acute care on the odd wounds and found it has helped wounds heal nicely and quickly. Most recently I have used the every day care (oral) to help prevent mud fever on one horse and help treat the mud fever on the other, this has been a game changer, his mud fever is virtually gone! Every winter this is a common issue with this horse and NOTHING seems to clear this up… until now! :)

Wow Jordana - we love to hear results like this - its certainly a relief for you I am sure to find something that actually works - clever little microbes!