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MicroMed for Cats Acute Care – 500ml 4 for 3 Bundle

MicroMed for Cats Acute Care – 500ml 4 for 3 Bundle


Save 25% off MicroMed for Cats Acute Care – 500ml. This bundle offer includes 4 x 500ml bottles for the price of 3.

MicroMed for Cats is a powerful blend of organically-based, non-toxic, all natural probiotic sprays for any minor, acute, fungal or bacterial issues in cats. 

Our Acute Care sprays are applied directly to your cat’s skin to help treat fungal or bacterial issues. It re-establishes the beneficial microbes that boost skin, digestive and immune health.

Providing a broad range of probiotics, the commensal mix contains beneficial fungi, bacteria and protozoa as they exist in nature, as a complete unit or eco-system in its own right. When you transfer this into and onto your cat’s body it has the ability to transform the internal and external environment to powerfully reduce inflammation.

This is great value if you have multiple cats; or run a cattery where you may also wish to spray surfaces and bedding (to outcompete any detrimental microbes and as an alternative to chemicals). The 4 x 500ml bundle provides approximately 4-6 months supply depending on the size and number of cats.



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MicroMed for Cats reverses the inflammatory pathways that lead to acute conditions such as:

  • staphylococcal pyoderma 
  • histoplasmosis
  • seborrhoea dermatitis sicca (dry dermatitis) and seborrhoea dermatitis oleosa (oily dermatitis)
  • feline military dermatitis 
  • itchiness, caused by bacteria or fungus overgrowth
  • malassezia (pachydermatis) dermatitis, fungal infection, commonly experienced in the ears
  • alopecia caused by bacterial or fungal conditions 
  • folliculitis
  • ringworm 
  • feline acne caused by bacteria or fungal overgrowth
  • secondary infections from stud tail

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