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Horse Staphylococcus Aureus preventative probiotic spray for minor Infection

DESCRIPTION: This infection usually manifests with all the signs of mud fever, or rain scald, and is in fact one of the bacteria attributed to mud fever and rain scald however, this bacteria has now formed a resistance to the traditional treatment with the pharmacological drug Methicillin and its associated family of drugs.  If this drug has been prescribed to your horse and the infection has not resolved, or there is a non-healing wound, it may be that it has methicillin-resistant S. Aureus (MRSA) present.  Therefore, a bacterial culture should be confirmed and an alternative treatment should be sought.  Interestingly, equine MRSA can be contracted from humans, particularly those who work in the health sector, and be passed to horses from their nasal passages where the bacteria often reside.   


TREATMENT: Vets are now turning to hydrogels or bleach shampoos