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A probiotic spray for mud fever, rain scald, the beginnings of laminitis, white line disease, thrush & other conditions


These conditions are caused by bacteria and fungi which are almost always present in the horses environment. These bacteria proliferate under warm, wet conditions and can cause open sores which are painful to the horse. MICROMED works by introducing live, beneficial micro-organisms which compete with and ultimately overcome the pathogenic bacteria and fungi. 


MICROMED is formulated from a naturally brewed combination of beneficial bacteria and fungi, also known as pro-biotics. Rest assured, there are no chemical additives or plant derived biocides or antibiotics contained in the product. 

The reason MICROMED is so successful in treating this disease is the living organisms contained in MICROMED are able to multiply and migrate into the locations where the pathogenic organisms are living. Traditional, non-systemic biocidal treatments are only able to kill the small percentage of pathogenic bacteria they come in contact with when applied topically. In fact, it is important not to use any biocides, including natural biocides, such as tea-tree oil or coconut oil based products in conjunction with this product as they will kill the good organisms in MICROMED. 

Treatment is carried out by simply spraying a small amount of liquid MICROMED, using the trigger spray, onto the affected area on a daily basis, preferably twice a day. No painful physical contact with the diseased area is required, and definitely no picking off scabs which could cause the horse discomfort. 

A 500ml bottle of MICROMED will be enough to take care of most cases of these diseases in 7-14 days, using the product daily. As the disease-causing bacteria and fungi are almost always present on the skin of the horse, we recommend applying MICROMED on a weekly basis to horses that are susceptible to these diseases. This helps prevent the proliferation of the pathogenic bacteria, making MICROMED an ideal preventative maintenance system for your horse.





This product is so amazing! My horses had the worst case of seedy toe and after using MicroMed I noticed a difference in just a couple of days! After a week the seedy toe had gone and their hooves grew out completely normal! I use it as a preventative measure now, once a week and it's never come back! It also cleared my horses mud fever super fast! She has long hairs down her legs that the mud sticks to but when spraying once a week it never turns into mud fever! I can't rave about this product enough! If you want something that works - try this stuff! LOVE IT! - Victoria Lahman : Raglan 





My mare suddenly came up with these odd, raised bumps on the side of her tummy, I have no idea how or why they came up. After a couple of weeks on MicroMed, the bumps were almost completely gone and now its totally gone. Maria has been amazing and so helpful. I can’t thank her enough, and her product, for helping me and my mare. - Ali Roy : Auckland







At last, something that really does work for seedy toe, rotten frogs and rain scald. Keep up the good work guys! - Sue Court : EarthHorse Aoteoroa (photo by Marli Berends)





Stargazer’s owner was frustrated at using so many different products that had not worked, so she was thrilled over the healing of rain scald within just three weeks on MicroMed for Horses. - Ruby Morgaine : Palmerston North 






    We recommend you see a 
    veterinarian to diagnose
    what the exact condition your horse is suffering
    and to ascertain if it is bacterial or fungal in nature.