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Pemphigus Foliaceus: Symptoms, Causes & Prevention | Probiotic Spray | MicroMed

DESCRIPTION: this is an auto-immune skin disorder, affecting the cell membranes of the horses epithelial cells - or skin cells.  The condition manifests initially as tiny, skin blisters which then peel off to reveal large areas of hair loss and grey, flaky skin.  Due to this, the horn production of hoof material, is affected, and therefore the coronary band is compromised, the hoof wall becomes flaky and loses its integrity.  As the condition progresses, the legs can fill up with fluid, causing stiffness and pain. 

TREATMENT:  early treatment is vital, and can involve a prescription of corticosteroids, vitamin E supplementation, and protection of the skin from insects and excessive sunlight.  Pemphigus foliaceus often requires long-term treatment, and some horses may need medication for the rest of their lives.   MicroMed recommends contacting your vet for this condition.  MicroMed probiotic sprays can be used in conjunction with veterinary treatment.