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Dog Ringworm Treatment | Probiotic Spray

Dog Ringworm Treatment NZ | Probiotic Spray | MicroMed

Classic fungal infection, not caused by a parasite or a worm as some believe, and with a circular shape, hence ‘ring’ shaped patch.  These can occur anywhere on the body however more prevalent on the head, paws, ears and forelegs.  The area will appear inflamed, scaly and hair loss will often occur.  You need to be aware that as a fungal condition, mild ringworm infections, may only cause hair loss, dryness and itching, without redness or scabs.

TREATMENT: This is a contagious condition and should therefore be contained as quickly as possible.   In Chinese medicine, it is believed this is a ‘stagnation’ issue and therefore a good amount of exercise is recommended every day.

Veterinary treatment involves using anti-fungals.  Re-establishing the microbes, including beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa, would be highly recommended, alongside treatment of the dog's environment, with MicroMed for Dogs, spray-on Probiotic.