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Maria Brown's

  Maria Brown's Snapshot

At 27 years old, I came to the realisation that my love of animals could be played out in my working life and I began working to protect the rare and endangered animals of the world at the Fauna and Flora Preservation Society in London. I remember the day I held a baby pipistrelle bat in the palm of my hand, and shook the hand of Sir David Attenborough, while I served this great organisation - who still live on today under the name of Fauna and Flora International. When they moved to Cambridge I completed my four years study to be a Naturopathic Nutritionist, however after returning to NZ  with my two daughters, I found myself a few years later uttering these words to an oncologist “Don’t be silly! Of course I haven’t got cancer, I’m a naturopathic nutritionist! I couldn’t have lived a healthier life!” So here I was, the girl who had lived life on full speed, being forced to stop, and smell those flowers. As part of my recovery after the initial operation and subsequent radiotherapy Mike and I bought an amazing but run-down property in the beautiful valley of Makarau.  It didn’t take us long to fill it with animals, following the footsteps of our cat who had adopted us two summers earlier.   When five years later I faced hospitalisation again with a broken lower jaw, from disintegration due to radiation treatment I announced I needed a project. 

Teaming my culinary skills with my knowledge of naturopathy I embarked on my own organic and biodynamic body care range, Heartscent Herbals. Mike’s home-brew diversified into micro-organisms, such that it became known in our biodynamic community as ‘Mike’s Magic’! The years I had spent in sales and marketing in my twenties, combined with my love of animals and a desire to be a part of something bigger than myself, led me to the point where in 2018 I took on the re-branding for Bio-Organic Solutions product, MicroMed, and subsequently offered to join Mike in the business. Today we are lucky to live this passion, and we like to think of Bio-Organic Solutions as a family-run business, going forward in the knowledge that with each spray of formula that is spread, we are one step closer to re-establishing the organisms as Nature intended.