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Dog Alopecia Treatment | Probiotic Spray

Alopecia | Micromed Probiotics for dogs

Hair loss can be caused by many health issues, not just a fungal infection.



Testing for underlying hormonal or metabolic issues should always be performed by a veterinarian if at all possible.  Many dogs will lose hair due to stress, poor nutrition or health issues. 



MicroMed had a heart-breaking case present in 2018 - and yet our most compelling success story to date.   Gypsey, a Shih Tzu, was suffering severe weight loss, was on a restricted diet, and diagnosed with pyoderma, seborrhea   dermatitis, malassezia, abcesses, purulent discharging from the outer ears, a terrible smell and alopecia.  She had been on numerous courses of steroids, antibiotics and anti-fungals over the previous two years.  Her owner Nicolle had become so desperate and despondent she thought it might be better to have Gypsey put down to end her misery.  Luckily she approached us and commenced MicroMed for Dogs immediately.  I booked Nicolle and Gypsey in for a consultation as her case was so severe and I knew it was not going to be an easy fix.  We commenced Gypsey on an improved diet, with bone broth as a daily dietary addition, and home-made casseroles, and slowly but surely, each day she improved.   So much so that on Day 16 Nicolle her owner was able to report “Overall there is an amazing improvement!  Her demeanour is amazing - she is bouncing around like a puppy again.  Her skin is still pinkish but not raw and hot like it used to be.  She is not licking and itching excessively now.  After having a bath over two weeks ago, her hair is still soft and not greasy.  I have also tested her with foods (I had had to put her on a restrictive diet before using the products) and she has not had a flare-up”.  A month later Nicolle was ecstatic at the improvements and total transformation of her 8 year old dog Gypsey, having added in milk thistle tincture, a herb that can be employed to help detoxify the liver and whole body.  Gypsey’s ‘healing crisis’ occurred at about week 6, a natural occurrence when on a transformative programme that works with the body’s innate healing abilities.  Gypsey had erupted in boils on her back, which we took as her body’s way of eliminating the toxins that had been stored for so long.  We did not feel it was cause for concern as  her demeanour was good and energy levels also good so simply saw it as part of her healing journey back to optimum health, and allowed the eruptions to run their natural course.  Nicolle continued spraying with MicroMed for Dogs to prevent any secondary infections from occurring.   One month later Nicolle couldn't have been any happier and she has recently been able to start introducing a little raw food to Gypsey, now that her gastro-intestinal tract is repaired, and no longer inflamed or "leaky".