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MicroMed for Livestock Everyday Care

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Our Everyday Care spray is applied to your livestock’s feed and is designed for the ongoing care of your pet to help with:

✔ Skin Health
✔ Digestive and Gut Health
✔ Immunity
✔ Overall Wellbeing

This powerful blend of organically-based, non-toxic, all natural probiotic re-establishes healthy microbes in your livestock’s body which help prevent recurring, minor fungal and bacterial issues.

How to use Micromed Everyday Care Probiotics for Livestock?

Application rates:

Cows: 200ml initial dose, by syringe, thereafter 10 ml / day

Calves: 50 ml initial dose by syringe, thereafter 2ml twice daily in milk, or 4 ml daily

Sheep/Pigs/Llamas& Alpacas/Goats/Deer/Ostriches/Emus and other ungulates:

10ml /day either by syringe or add to feed immediately prior to consumption, do not allow to dry

Rabbits/Ducks/Guinea Pigs/Chickens: 1 ml /day added to their water

(We recommend not to use in pregnancy)

Note: Do not use in conjunction with antibiotic,  anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medications, creams or washes or products with ingredients such a zinc, tea-tree, neem or essential oils. Begin using MicroMed probiotics immediately after finishing antibiotics, or other recommended washes etc. to re-instate the beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

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