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Micromed Intensive Regenerative Healing Oil for Cats

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Our regenerative healing oil provides a protectant barrier for the skin to remedy skin trauma and repair cracked, damaged and flaking skin. For best results, use this product alongside Micromed Probiotics for Cats.

The seven natural ingredients in our healing oil are designed to absorb into the skins layers, initiating cell regeneration by penetrating at a deeper level.


Kukui Nut Oil : An anti-inflammation emollient (skin softener), protectant, rich in vitamins C, D, and E, and helpful for burns if undergoing radiotherapy.

Chamomile Infused Oil: An ingredient which is anti-inflammatory, stress relieving, anti-nausea, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, rich in antioxidants and promotes cell renewal.

Calendula Infused Oil: An anti-inflammatory ingredients which can also improve red and sensitive skin.

Kawakawa Infused Oil: anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant rich ingredient

Aloe Vera Infused Oil: anti-inflammatory oil, skin protectant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic and wound healer.

Comfrey Oil: anti-bacterial, pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and contains allantoin that boosts cellular repair.

Frankincence Essential Oil:  pain and stress reliever.

How to use

Apply 3 drops and massage into skin to allow complete absorption.

Alternatively, mix a few drops with bentonite clay to make a paste and apply to dry, cracked skin. Wash off in 30 mins. Do not apply to broken skin.

Note: Do not use in conjunction with antibiotic,  anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medications, creams or washes or products with ingredients such a zinc, tea-tree, neem or essential oils. Begin using MicroMed probiotics immediately after finishing antibiotics, or other recommended washes etc. to re-instate the beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

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