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MicroMed for Horses Acute Care – 500ml 4 for 3 Bundle

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Our Acute Care spray is applied directly to your horse’s skin to help treat immediate minor fungal and bacterial issues such as:

✔ Rain Scald
 Minor Mud Fever (no scab removal required)
✔ Seedy Toe
✔ Thrush

✔ Hoof Cracks
✔ External Minor Staph Infections

How to use Micromed Acute Care Probiotics for Horses?

Apply one to two full sprays on the affected areas twice daily, and continue for at least 10 days after the issue has resolved. A major benefit of using MicroMed for Horses is there is no need to remove mud fever scabs before use - the live microbes migrate through and behind the scabs for a painless and easy application of the product.

Note: Do not use in conjunction with antibiotic,  anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medications, creams or washes or products with ingredients such a zinc, tea-tree, neem or essential oils. Begin using MicroMed probiotics immediately after finishing antibiotics, or other recommended washes etc. to re-instate the beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

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