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MicroMed for Cats Acute Care

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Our Acute Care spray is applied directly to your cat’s skin to help treat immediate minor fungal and bacterial issues such as:

 Feline Acne
 Minor Malassezia Dermatitis
 Minor Ringworm
✔ and the classic itchy, scratchy cat syndrome

How to use Micromed Acute Care Probiotics for Cats?

Apply one to two full sprays on the affected areas twice daily, and continue for at least 10 days after the issue has resolved.

Note: Do not use in conjunction with antibiotic,  anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medications, creams or washes or products with ingredients such a zinc, tea-tree, neem or essential oils. Begin using MicroMed probiotics immediately after finishing antibiotics, or other recommended washes etc. to re-instate the beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carlos Vale

Great product!

We love it too - so much so we made a business out of it so that everyone could benefit - thanks for spreading the word on our wonderful commensal probiotics and the great job they do at addressing health issues for your cat! Thanks so much for your review.

Anita S.
Work’s brilliant

My older cat was very scratchy and lumpy on her back. With a few treatments her back healed up and her coat started looking a lot better. She has no problems now and I’m glad I have the Micromed treatment in case she ever needs again.


Love the product works perfectly but didn’t spray on cat as too she was too scared just put it in my hands and rubbed it on I’ve told all my friends

Worked well

I purchased the product after my cat started licking his fur off, turned out he has a food allergy so a change of diet was needed. The Micro Med spray on probiotic helped with the healing process and I will be keeping it on hand for any future issues.

Well done Claire - its great when you find a remedy that helps - the microbes are invaluable at restoring the pH and diversity of microbes capable of initiating good health again so really pleased you have a bottle tat hand now, cheers, the team at MicroMed


Our cat was loosing all her fur and costantly licking herself. She looked terrible. I came across this product and thought if it works it would save us the cost of a vet visit + medication. I loved the ease of the spray application. Within a week we noticed a huge change and within 2 1/2 weeks our cat's coat was looking back to normal. Thank you Micro med.

Oh wow Lisa - so happy for you guys - perfect result for fur loss and overgrooming then! Its amazing what simply re-establishing those healthy microbes - which are killed off from all manner of things - can do! Keep up the good work and thanks so much for the review, cheers, Maria