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Lickety Split Casserole

Posted on August 20 2023

‘Lickety Split’ Casserole
“Superfood Extravaganza”
By Naturopathic Nutritionist, Maria Brown, MICROMED

1kg Goat portions
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
4 cups of bone broth
5 cloves garlic, crushed
4 lamb stock cubes (low salt) dissolved in boiling bone broth
1 cup of mixed pumpkin, sweet potato and/or butternut
1 cup of greens (courgette, bok choi,collard greens, kale, green beans and/or peas)
1 strip of kombu, or wakame seaweed or ½ tsp kelp flakes
1 tsp of hempseed oil
5 dsps LSA (blend of Linseed, Sunflower and Almonds by Healtheries) available in
most supermarkets,
6 eggs (save one eggshell for grinding),
5 dsps pumpkin seeds, lightly ground in a coffee grinder with 1 eggshell


(Create bone broth first if you have a day up your sleeve to leave the slow cooker going overnight or for 12 hrs. To make bone broth simply cover the meaty bones with water (approx. 4 cups) and add 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and cook for at least 12 hrs or overnight). Discard bones once cooked.
If you do not have time to pre-make the bone broth simply use the raw goat portions by searing in a very hot frying pan for two minutes each side then add to the slow cooker with one tbsp of vinegar and four cups of water and cook for 4 hours, then add garlic, lamb stock cubes (available in most supermarkets) otherwise use vegetable stock, and add mixed pumpkin, sweet potato and/or butternut. Cook for another 3 ½ hrs. Half an hour before the end of the cooking time, add your 1 cup of ‘greens’, seaweed or kelp flakes.
Once you have turned off the casserole stir in LSA, eggs, eggshell, pumpkin seeds, and remove any bones. Once dished into the food bowl, add hempseed oil, each night, as a dressing over the casserole.
** Of Interest **
Try to get goat portions (with bone due to the wonderful glucosamine, chondroitin
and MSM joint-building complexes as well as the collagen, the bone provides) If you do not have a supplier for novel protein (wild proteins) we love The Raw Dog Food Company Waiuku (can courier nationwide), and if you are further south Out in the Wild also courier, along with many other raw food suppliers nationwide.
Colostrum Powder is a great addition to the food bowl daily, (NOW brand) (take
some yourself too) it's fantastic at strengthening immunity AND healing Leaky Gut AND good at increasing lean muscle mass).
Wheatgerm Oil as a dressing, contains vitamin A and E antioxidants and high in
essential fatty acids so you can alternate with the hempseed oil.
For dogs with gut issues try adding a tsp of aloe vera juice to the meal once in the
plate, mix well. (Some dogs love aloe vera, some dogs hate it!)
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