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MicroMed for Horses Everyday Care – 250ml

MicroMed for Horses Everyday Care – 250ml


MicroMed for Horses is a powerful blend of organically-based, non-toxic, all natural probiotic sprays for any minor, acute, fungal or bacterial issues in horses, or it can be used preventatively for most fungal or bacterial recurrences.

Providing a broad range of probiotics, the commensal mix contains beneficial fungi, bacteria and protozoa as it exists in Nature, as a complete unit, or eco-system in its own right. When you transfer this into and onto your horse’s body it has the ability to transform the internal and external environment to powerfully reduce inflammation.

250ml - just over one week’s supply. Perfect for trialling the product with a healthy horse.



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MicroMed for Horses re-establishes healthy microbes, helping to reverse inflammation that leads to acute conditions such as:

  • minor mud fever
  • rain scald
  • thrush
  • ringworm
  • staph overgrowth
  • minor seedy toe, especially preventatively 
  • ringworm
  • secondary infection from demodectic mange

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