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Horse Lice - Pediculosis Treatment | Probiotic Spray

DESCRIPTION: there are two types of parasitic lice that can affect horses and will be seen as flattened insects, between 2-4mm  in length, and appearing on nearby hair strands their eggs appear pale and translucent. 


Chewing lice (Damalinia equi) feeding on dead skin cells from around the neck, flanks and base of the tail.  The other lice bites or sucks (Haematopinus acini) and feeds on blood.  Often found under the forelock or mane, tail, and the pasterns of feathered breeds.  Both these lice cause extreme irritation and itching and must be treated, otherwise anaemia can develop, and possibly secondary infection.   


TREATMENT:   Treatment for this is fairly harsh, using permethrin products, oral Ivermectin  or insecticidal powders or shampoos.   All tack and equipment must also be treated, bedding changed and stalls walls, paddock fences and posts cleaned.  Re-establishing microbial balance with the likes of MicroMed for Horses, helps to build skin immunity such that lice cannot take hold.  MicroMed for Horses also works to change the skin environment to work within a synergistic blend of healthy organisms, creating their own communication network to the detriment of pathogenic or parasitic organisms.