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Horse Canker Treatment | Probiotic Spray

DESCRIPTION: canker can be mistaken for thrush in the early stages, originating in the frog - the difference being canker is a smelly, white, thick discharge with a cheese-like texture, and thrush is a smelly, black, thick discharge with a cheese-like texture.  Thrush erodes the tissues whereas canker causes mounding overgrowths from an overgrowth of keratin.  Both are conditions in the hoof, however, canker usually begins in the frog, or horn of the frog and can extend to the sole, and hoof wall, often starting in just one hoof, in addition to being very painful to your horse.  It is still not indisputable what causes canker, some say papillomavirus, however what is consistent, is the determination of, spirochete-type bacteria in the lesions.  Some lesions appear small while others are quite widespread.  If this infection is caught quickly it can be treated, and although there might be anywhere from a week to months of recuperation, occasionally there is a persistent case that is resistant to traditional treatment. 


TREATMENT:  surgical debridement will need to be performed including surrounding healthy tissue, to ensure the virus and bacteria is fully cleared.   There may be an anti-bacterial recommended or antibiotics as part of the debridement programme.