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Canine Hot Spots: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment | MicroMed Probiotic


AKA acute moist dermatitis, hotspots are usually small areas of inflammation, and irritation usually also occurring internally, which of course, cannot be seen and therefore the extent of the problem is often not fully comprehended.  Hotspots will always be ‘hot’ to the touch, hence the name. 


The preferred course of treatment is often steroids and sometimes antibiotics. 

MicroMed Note: Hot spots are a sign of a system out of balance.  If we determine where this imbalance originates it is likely to have begun in the gut, through a process of microbial alteration, leading to inflammation, low immunity  and possibly this in turn leading to a Leaky Gut, also known as Intestinal Permeability.  This is where the gut becomes too permeable and substances that should not gain access to the bloodstream do so and this in turn sets up an accumulating immune reaction.  It is little wonder that hot spots are evident when there are so many animals with such compromised gastro-intestinal tracts.  Re-establishment of microbial balance is necessary, to help reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity and restore equilibrium.  Studies show that microbial balance can positively affect whole body health - or disease - so it may be wise to commence MicroMed’s Everyday Care Probiotic, on an ongoing basis for at least two months to re-establish the correct balance of microbes, enhancing gut, immunity and skin health and deter detrimental organisms from taking hold.