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Dog Hot Spots Treatments | Probiotic Spray

Dog Hot Spot Treatment NZ | Probiotic Spray | MicroMed


AKA acute moist dermatitis, hotspots are usually small areas of inflammation, and irritation usually also occurring internally, which of course, cannot be seen and therefore the extent of the problem is often not fully comprehended.  Hotspots will always be ‘hot’ to the touch, hence the name. 



The underlying issue/s must be dealt with in order for hotspots to resolve. If these are suppressed, the likelihood is they will reappear at a later date in a worse form, as the body tries once more to clear the issue through eliminatory pathways.   


This is Spoon, suffering a hot spot, whose owner Lolly, had been administering steroids for six years to no avail, until she found and tried MicroMed for Dogs and was very excited to finally be able to get on top of her rescue dog’s health issues, after just ten days.