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Dog Ear Infection Treatment | Probiotic Spray


Dog Ear Infection Treatment NZ | Probiotic spray for dogs | MicroMed

DESCRIPTION: The most googled condition for dogs currently, ear infections are increasingly common in dogs.  Ear infections can be attributed to mites, however most ear infections are due to yeast or fungal infections - the ear being dark, damp and warm and unable to drain easily.  Symptoms will include swelling, redness and itching, usually meaning it's bacterial.  A malodorous smell accompanied by head shaking, scratching or rubbing of the ears will point to a fungal infection, however if there is a black residue like coffee grounds, suspect mites. 

TREATMENT: A mite’s life cycle is two months and therefore you need to treat your dog for mites if you suspect this, as the problem will not just disappear of its own accord.  A simple home remedy is using an oil for mites that suffocates them so one drop of warm olive oil or Jojoba if you have it, as well as MicroMed for Dogs to re-establish microbial balance and overcome any detrimental microbes.  Eradication of the issue is determined by correct diagnosis of the underlying cause.  Holistically it must be determined if your dog has bacterial dysbiosis, inflammation and/or a Leaky Gut, and these should be addressed in combination with microbial re-establishment.  Strengthening the immune system is always indicated where there is compromised health and in the case of ear mites, remember they attack the weak and the young.  The herb astragalus is a great immune boosting herb to use to strengthen dogs immunity to guard against attack from parasites and detrimental microbes.  Power up the innate immune cells within your dogs body to overcome attack from predatory assailants.

Diet must always be addressed as often a problem arises because the dog is being fed kibble or food high in grains or carbohydrates, which gives rise to carbohydrate-eating organisms.   Canine evolutionary gut bacteria should be primarily and predominantly protein-eating bacteria.  Unless diet can be corrected, no amount of symptomatic remedies will fix the health problem on a long-term basis.  If may be helpful to bear in mind the ear is also an eliminatory channel for the body and therefore, where there is a build-up of toxins, the body will turn to the ear to help clear these.  A case for ensuring an annual detox, particularly in order if your dog has had the full run of vaccinations, received flea and tick chemicals and is fed foods containing ‘E' numbers (additives, preservatives and colours).


Thebe, a Boxer, who had been suffering from continual outer ear infections despite having been on meds for some time, without resolve.  The photo on the left was how she presented, inflamed and in discomfort and with a semi-closed outer ear canal - the photo on the right was ten days after commencement with MicroMed for Dogs, and as you can see the outer ear canal is clear and open and no sign of inflammation anymore.  Ten days later her owner Kasandra Russell, had this to say (abridged) "I'm over the moon with happiness and so thankful to you guys".