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Dogs - Colour Changes


Where there is black skin or black crusty skin and hyper-pigmentation.  Other causes of hyper-pigmentation and black skin spots can be due to :

  • Allergy
  • Malassezia dermatitis (yeast infection)
  • Or endocrine disorders, an example being Cushing’s.


It is recommended that you seek veterinarian testing to rule out Alopecia X, also known as Cushing’s Disease.



Gypsey  who was suffering many issues, malassezia being one of them, underwent a 4 Step Return to Health Programme, was suffering malassezia, severe weight loss, was on a restricted diet, and diagnosed with pyoderma, seborrhea   dermatitis, abcesses, purulent discharging from the ears, a terrible smell and alopecia.  Malassezia is only a symptom of underlying health issues, which was why she had to adopt the 4 Step Return to Health Programme, to address gut dysbiosis (producing inflammation), suspected Leaky Gut, suspected liver toxicity and re-establishment of healthy microbes with MicroMed for Dogs.  Within a month gypsey ws gaining weight, regaining hair, inflammation and hot spots were healed, the bacterial and fungal infections were gone, and she was a bright, bouncy girl again.