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Dog Allergic Dermatitis Treatment | Probiotic Spray

Allergic Dermatitis | Micromed Probiotics for dogs


There is a rising incidence of this condition, whereby there can be varied triggers such as different foods, environmental irritants such as the dog coming in contact with glyphosate spray on its daily walks, wandering dew, pollen or insect bites.  A dog with allergies displays chronic itchiness, and inflammation is evident. 



Veterinary medicine recommends identifying and avoiding the allergen, and will often prescribe cortico-steroids or other drugs.  From a natural medicine perspective where there is inflammation on the outside there will be inflammation on the inside and this must be addressed through improving the diet, in particular, introducing bone broth to the diet, with its high collagen content for repair.

This can help repair a very common issue in dogs today and that is Leaky Gut.  Leaky Gut can be caused by gut dysbiosis or imbalance of gut bacteria and inflammation.  Approximately seventy percent of the immune system is found in the gut tissues so it is little wonder that if the gut is impaired and inflamed, allergies will arise.  The gut must be repaired and the beneficial microbes re-established.



One of our earliest cases of allergic dermatitis was Dude, a boxer,  whose owner was beside herself, having spent thousands on treatments that had not resolved the issue.    This photo is a picture of his paw after being treated with antibiotics.  Chrissy commenced our MicroMed for Dogs and by Day 8 was ecstatic with the result - completely resolved.