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FAQ For Horses

Q. Where is MICROMED for Horses made?
A. MICROMED for Horses is proudly developed and manufactured here in New Zealand, within our family-run business.

Q. What is in MICROMED for Horses?
A. MICROMED for Horses is made up of a powerful, organic proprietary blend of over 80 different strains of live, naturally occurring beneficial micro-organisms. It is a completely natural pro-biotic, also containing water and a small amount of vinegar.

Q. Is MICROMED for Horses registered as a veterinary medicine?
A. The active ingredients in MICROMED for Horses are all listed on the Ministry for Primary Industries GRAS list (generally recognised as safe) and on this basis our product has been accepted as qualifying for exemption under the ACVM (agricultural products and veterinary medicines) act.

Q. How long does MICROMED for Horses take to work?
A. This can vary from horse to horse and depends on the severity of the case. Most cases will be resolved within 7 to 10 days of daily application. A weekly spray of MICROMED for Horses once the mud fever,
rain scald, seedy toe and white line disease should stop the pathogenic bacteria from proliferating in the future. These conditions are also referred to as pastern dermatitis, greasy heel and cracked heel.

Q. Can I use MICROMED for Horses alongside systemic antibiotic or anti-bacterial medications I may be using for my horse?
A. Systemic antibiotics are likely to impact the effectiveness of MICROMED for Horses. Topical biocides such as tea tree oil, iodine and chlorhexidine are designed to kill all bacteria, good and bad. These products will kill the good microbes MICROMED is trying to introduce to the horses biome. MICROMED for Horses is a completely natural pro-biotic and is a stand alone system for bacterial and fungal problems.

Q. Do I need to remove all the mud on the horse and/or stable the horse during treatment?
A. If possible, removing the worst of the mud before application, does help. MICROMED for Horses will still work if you need to apply it in the paddock. You need to ensure the affected areas are damp with the product, each time you apply.

Q. Do I need to remove the scabs before application?
A. No. Not only is this a horrible experience for your horse, it is also unproductive. The scabs are a natural part of the healing process. Their purpose is to protect the fragile, tender, diseased flesh until it has begun to form a new epidermal layer. The problem horse owners have had in the past is that the warm, moist conditions underneath a scab are also perfect breeding conditions for the pathogenic bacteria which cause bacterial and fungal infections. The removal of scabs was an important part of the treatment due to the fact that biocides have to come into direct contact with these pathogens to be effective. In preference, the microbes in our product will naturally find their way under the scabs and into the areas where the disease causing organisms are living. Once there, they create an environment which is hostile to pathogens and the disease soon resolves. During the healing process the scabs will come away naturally.